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Guess # Word Distance

How To Play

  • The goal is to find one global secret word each day.
  • The secret word can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or any other part of speech.
  • You can try an unlimited number of guesses.
  • For each guess, you get a number between 0 and 100,000 as Distance. Distance 0 means that you found the secret word and distance 1 is the most similar word.
  • The similarity between words is based on an AI model which means it is smart, but not necessarily perfect or consistent.
  • A simple definition for similarity is: Two words are similar if they can be used in similar contexts. So even antonyms might be pretty similar. You will learn more by playing more!
  • As an example, the most similar words to the word effective are efficient, affective and ineffective. The word with a distance of 50 is disruptive and the one with a distance of 200 is functional.
  • You can get hints only if you have tried 5 guesses at least.
  • You will see a give up option only after trying 15 guesses. When you give up, the secret word will be shown and you can no longer play the game on that day.
  • On average it takes between 50 to 100 guesses to find the secret word, so don't give up soon!
  • Come back the next day for a new word and another challenge! The game will be reset at midnight local time.
  • Termle has been inspired by Semantle, an innovative game invented by David Turner.